Mitchell College Intramural Program

Casie Runksmeier | Intramural Director | 880-629-6011 |

Mission Statement

To provide, coordinate, implement and evaluate a recreational program that offers positive, healthy recreational and wellness experiences for First-year and/or upper classman students here at Mitchell College.

Benefits of Participation

- Natural and relaxed sporting environments
- Opportunity of adopting a no-stress, healthy lifestyle
- Ability to play and hang out with friends, both new and old
- Enjoy weekly leagues and workout sessions
- Enjoy the thrill of competition
- And much, much more...


All students who have signed up 24 hours prior to play are eligible to participate and play. Collegiate athletes must have written consent from the head coach if they are competing in their traditional or non-traditional seasons.

Code of Conduct

- NO profanity
- NO intent to harm or injure another
- ANY violence towards officials, breaking of equipment, or attitudes unbefitting the values of the recreational department are UNACCEPTABLE

Health and Liability

Without exception, every participant is required to complete the liability waiver form before the onset of each activity.


Participating in the recreational program is purely voluntary. Mitchell College or its associates will not assume responsibility of bills if a participant is injured during a recreational event, league or activity.