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Mitchell College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Mitchell College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization of student-athlete representatives from each of the Varsity sport teams at Mitchell College.

The purpose of SAAC is to generate a student-athlete voice within the athletic department, institution, and the NECC. To review and respond to proposed NCAA legislation. To support the campus and conference community through community outreach efforts, with a primary focus on the NCAA Division III SAAC and Special Olympics partnership.

Click here for the complete SAAC Constitution

2018-19 SAAC Executive Board Members

Francesca Pinard 
Domenico Santiago 
Ariana Carter
Allison Horton 

Project Manager
Evan Bing 

Hannah Corrigan  

SAAC Members

Roland Thivierge (Baseball) – 2nd Year Member
Steven Pagan (Baseball) – 2nd Year Member
Matt Green (Men's Golf) – 2nd Year Member
Mike Izzo (Men's Golf) – 3rd Year Member
Dom Santiago (Men's Basketball) – 3rd Year Member
Evan Bing (Men's Basketball) – 3rd Year Member
Bradley Sherwood (Men's Lacrosse)
Kyle Marsh (Men's Lacrosse) – 3rd Year Member
Jacob Anderson (Men's Lacrosse)
Jake Karnes (Men's Lacrosse)
Kaitlin Thibodeau Corey (Softball)
Reanna Clark (Softball/Soccer)
Ariana Carter (Women's Volleyball/Basketball)  – 2nd Year Member
Laurissa Amaker (Women's Volleyball/Softball) – 2nd Year Member
Francesca Pinard (Women's Basketball/XC/Lacrosse) – 3rd Year Member
Allison Horton (Women's Lacrosse) – 3rd Year Member
Kate McCormack (Women's Basketball/XC/Lacrosse) – 3rd Year Member
Kayla Lavallee (Women's Soccer/Lacrosse) 
Lisandra Rivera (Women's Lacrosse)
Hannah Corrigan (Women's Soccer/Lacrosse) – 2nd Year Member
Jacquelyn White (Women's Soccer/Lacrosse) – 3rd Year Member
Daniel Hotaling (Men's Soccer)
Mason Rubino (Men's Soccer)

SAAC Contacts

Heather Rush
SAAC Advisor